About Front Range Source

Our vision is that every nonprofit fundraiser – staff or volunteer – has the tools and confidence they need to raise money for their great cause.

We empower staff, volunteers and board members to:

  • Create messages that inspire action
  • Develop strategy that speaks to the needs of the donor
  • Implement plans that are full of action and accountability

We are deeply respectful of the missions of the organizations we serve and of the people whose lives they impact. Our emphasis is always on developing customized, creative solutions. The end result is efficient, effective and sustainable change…for your organization and for your community.

Leslie Allen and Ann Goldman are seasoned and compassionate professionals who have served as front-line staff fundraisers, board members and consultants to organizations of all sizes.  We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there!

Ideas and services to fit your needs:

Front Range Source is about you.  We invite you to subscribe to our blog, attend a workshop, or contact us to learn about our consulting services.

Leslie Allen and Ann Goldman

Leslie Allen and Ann Goldman

Leslie Allen

How lucky am I?  I get to devote my professional life to fundraising for great causes here in Boulder and as far abroad as India and Africa.  I am inspired by human rights activists in Africa, clean energy advocates in the Rockies, and the volunteers that cook hundreds of meals for the homeless here in our community.  And that work isn’t possible without fundraisers like you and me.  We are the work; making it possible for people to be part of the action! read more

Ann Goldman

I didn’t set out to be a fundraiser.  Yet I landed squarely (and a little surprised) in the field of development when I decided that if I was going to work all day, I may as well use that time to change the world. I love to help people understand the power they have to make a real difference through the simple act of giving, and I relish every opportunity to facilitate the most effective use of that power.  I also really like the bottom-line nature of fundraising.  At the end of the year, you know exactly what you accomplished!    read more