Is Your Board Ready for a Capital Campaign?

You know that enthusiastic leadership is essential for capital campaign success.

During your campaign the board will need to:

  • Give generously to the campaign
  • Give early so that other donors know the board is fully committed
  • Serve as ambassadors by opening doors to new prospects and spreading the exciting news of the campaign to others
  • Solicit gifts
  • Attend solicitations with other leaders
  • Host or attend campaign events
  • And more!

Not every board member is going to feel comfortable doing all of these things. You’re going to need to customize every member’s role to suit their skills and talents.

During a campaign the board represents a puzzle, with every person filling a specific and useful role. The result should be a cohesive whole.

But, where to begin?

At the very beginning of the campaign planning process, before you even commit to launching a campaign, ask your board members how they intend to participate.

We’ve attached a handy-dandy Board Pre-Campaign Survey that cuts straight to the question: what do you intend to do to provide tangible leadership to this campaign effort?

Once everyone’s completed the survey, you can:

  • Determine if your current board is prepared to take on a capital campaign
  • Identify what skills or desires need to be augmented on the board
  • Keep the data so you’ll know who to turn to for specific activities during your campaign

Regardless of what the survey results yield, be sure to provide plenty of training, coaching and support to the board throughout a campaign. And don’t forget to celebrate their accomplishments!

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