Front Range Source is proud to partner with a number of consultants who have proven track records and offer specialized expertise to nonprofit organizations.

Our partners include:


Timothy & Amanda Brister

Timothy and Amanda have over 20 years of experience in design and marketing. They particularly enjoy supporting non-profits to enhance their visual identity and fundraising efforts with the creation of brochures, donor packages, fundraising event materials, and websites. Timothy and Amanda have the honor of working alongside an organization that develops ministries in Africa, and others that advocate for and provide services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in Northern Colorado. Learn more about Timothy and Amanda here.


Scott DuPree

Scott has seen firsthand how people are making a positive difference all over the world. For over 20 years he has been working on grassroots development, human rights and the environment. He specializes in developing organizational capacity, funds and programs to support community action. He has worked extensively in Africa and recently completed his doctoral thesis on civil society in Zimbabwe. You can learn more about Scott here.


Mark L. Holdt

Mark’s all about nonprofit leadership, planning and finances. As a former financial analyst and lender, he is a vital partner when your nonprofit is creating it’s path to a prosperous future. He has served in many roles, including CEO of three nonprofit organizations and a charitable foundation. Mark is known for his steady and studied approach combined with a deep passion for mission-driven work. You can learn more about him here.