Ann Goldman, Co-Founder

I didn’t set out to be a fundraiser.  Yet I landed squarely (and a little surprised) in the field of development when I decided that if I was going to work all day, I may as well use that time to change the world. I love to help people understand the power they have to make a real difference through the simple act of giving, and I relish every opportunity to facilitate the most effective use of that power.  I also really like the bottom-line nature of fundraising.  At the end of the year, you know exactly what you accomplished!

I spent the first 16 years of my nonprofit career in Chicago and then moved to the foothills west of Boulder in 2006 in pursuit of a little more skiing and a lot more fresh air.  I have worked as a senior development staff member at some large institutions.  I’ve served as a board member at some small and mid-sized organizations.  As a consultant I’ve worked across the spectrum. In every case, fundraising success has come down to a cultural commitment to the donor.  Respect for the donor, for their values and for their need for real impact will yield dollars every time.

More than twenty years in, I’m delighted to be in fundraising.  It’s good, challenging work and I firmly believe we are changing the world – one gift at a time.