Leslie Allen, Co-Founder

How lucky am I? I get to devote my professional life to fundraising for great causes here in Boulder and as far abroad as India and Africa. I am inspired by human rights activists in Africa, clean energy advocates in the Rockies, and the volunteers that cook hundreds of meals for the homeless here in our community. And that work isn’t possible without fundraisers like you and me. We are the work; making it possible for people to be part of the action!

From the beginning days of my first nonprofit job for a cultural exchange organization in New York City, I was completely sold on the nonprofit sector. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have served as staff, board member, or volunteer for dozens of amazing causes.

For 15 years I worked for Greenpeace – one of the most powerful brands in the world – and I learned how to communicate, inspire, and mobilize hundreds of thousands of donors through mail, phone, e-mail, social media, and good old face-to-face fundraising. I created a planned giving program that defied conventional wisdom and now raises millions each year.

I’ve taken the years of learning at large organizations and translated it to work for mid-sized and smaller grassroots organizations here and all over the world. I’ve learned to adapt best practices of fundraising, board effectiveness, and strategic planning to organizations in India, Mexico, and South Africa as well as here in the US, and in my own Colorado community. It’s been such a privilege to see so many organizations grow and thrive.