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Cooking Up a Great Fundraising Pitch

Don’t you wish someone would just hand you a perfect recipe for how to talk to your prospects?  A script that you can just roll out any old time. Sadly, it just doesn’t work that way.  Here’s why:

The awesome sauce that makes a great fundraising pitch is you.

Whether you’re a professional fundraiser or a volunteer, your pitch will be most successful if it comes from your own unique perspective.

When you’re getting ready for a big ask, we recommend you do a little soul searching:

What do you believe so deeply that you are compelled to act?

How does your organization fulfill your own most fundamental values?

When you speak from that place.  Your authenticity will engender confidence in others and will motivate them to join you.

The other extra special ingredient that makes for a successful pitch is the donor.

Spend some time really considering the needs and interests of your prospect and frame your pitch around them.  Don’t try to convert them to caring about something they don’t. Emphasize the areas of your work that mean the most to them.

Listening is essential during any ask, but don’t wait for the solicitation meeting to start customizing your language. Role playing in advance will help you think through how best to meet the needs of your prospect.

Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and refine your pitch accordingly.

Keep it simple.

Just like a great dish, the simplest ingredients are the best. We subscribe to a “three-bullet-point rule”—refine your pitch down to three essential points. That way you’ll likely remember them all and you’re not in danger of overwhelming the prospect.

The main thing is to customize and practice. Before you know it, you’ll be a whiz at whipping up something fantastic each and every time.

P.S.  Hey, Colorado folks!  If you want some hands-on help creating your fundraising approach, join us for SVP’s Board with Brains session on November 10: Developing Your Personal Fundraising Pitch.


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