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January 4, 2017
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January 18, 2017

A Major Gifts Resolution for the New Year

Do you want to get your major gifts program off the ground, but you just haven’t been able to make it happen?

We understand!

It’s just so easy to get waylaid by other priorities. Suddenly another week has gone by and you haven’t seen a donor or prospect in person. You’ve hardly even made any donor or prospect phone calls. And how could you? You’ve been planning an event, writing a grant proposal, doing prospect research, putting together budgets, attending meetings, attending more meetings, etc.

The major gifts program is almost always the first thing that gets pushed aside because it doesn’t have any deadlines.

This year can be different! Set yourself up for major gifts success in 2017 by putting in place an accountability system.

Set weekly activity goals for yourself, your staff, your CEO, and even your Board members. Things you should track include: cultivation calls and visits, stewardship interactions, and, of course, solicitations. Make sure these goals are realistic – you want everyone to feel good about meeting them.

The process of tracking activities is not meant to be punitive. It should be aspirational and motivating. It should build a sense of teamwork. Most importantly, it should keep you focused on donor relationships.

Like all resolutions, bringing your major gifts program to life will happen one step at a time.

Make time on your calendar for major gifts and stick to it.

It will result in more dollars raised and, heck, you may as well reward yourself and your team if those activity goals are met with a nice lunch or maybe just some M&Ms.

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