FR Solutions enables you to access top-notch prospect research tailored to your specific needs.

Comprehensive prospect profiles:
We use research to form a complete picture of your top prospects and donors so that you can start your fundraising conversations off on the right foot.

Prioritized prospect lists:
We help get your major gift or capital campaign effort started by accessing top-of-the-line databases to understand the potential in your prospect pool.

Guidance on “ask” strategies:
We provide you with recommended giving targets and insight on the best way to approach each donor.

Major Gifts solicitation coaching:
We support you all the way to the donor’s door, delivering veteran advice on how solicitation works.

Choose the support you need and get access to top-notch prospect research and major gift expertise. Learn how this extremely valuable combination can make the difference for you in your major gifts objectives!

Contact us to learn how we can help you improve results, grow strategically and thrive.