Front Range Source also offers custom workshops and retreats for board members and nonprofit staff on a variety of topics. We can conduct one of our existing workshops exclusively for your group. We can also work with you to create a workshop that addresses the specific opportunities and challenges you are facing right now!

Two options! See which one is right for you.

Bring a Front Range Workshop to Your Organization: We have workshops that inspire board members, staff, and volunteers to be effective friendraisers and fundraisers for the organizations they love. Some examples of our workshops include:

  • Fundraising 101 for Board Members (and the Staff Who Love them)
  • Face-to-Face Training: How To Ask for the Big Gift
  • Vision, Mission, and Values for Board Members

Create your Own Workshop or Retreat: We can help you to design a workshop or retreat that fits the specific needs of your organization. From two-hour sessions to day-long retreats, we can help you to create an agenda and follow up that meet your objectives. Our facilitation style is positive, interactive, and geared to deliver next steps that turn into action.

Contact us today to arrange a custom workshop for your board or staff!

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“I used to cringe at the word “fundraising,” but Front Range Source helped me get past my fear by providing ideas and techniques that lessened the enormity of it all. They helped break down the process and gave us helpful tools that only the experienced could provide. I’m so grateful to have attended this workshop because what once seemed so intimidating, now doesn’t seem that big at all.” – Barbara, Board Member, Family Recovery Center

“I would like to thank Leslie and Ann for their very well organized presentation to the Family Recovery Center. It was clear to me that they had taken the initiative to become educated on the philosophy of our nonprofit organization and they tailored a presentation that was extremely beneficial for our board of directors.”  Tom, Board Member, Family Recovery Center