What Clients are Saying

Blue Sky Bridge and Front Range Source

Gina Earles, Executive Director

Front Range Source worked with Blue Sky Bridge to do a fundraising assessment, an annual fundraising plan, and to coach the Blue Sky Bridge team towards success in their $1.5 million capital campaign.

Front Range Source - Fundraising Consulting, Concepts & Connections

Meg Porfido, Global Education Fund

“Front Range Source has been our “go to” outside experts for over a decade whenever we have faced new milestones. We have relied on them because they are smart and strategic, are direct and frank communicators, have broad and deep experience, and are a delight to work with. We recommend them highly and look forward to when we have the opportunity to work with them again.”
Front Range Source - Fundraising Consulting, Concepts & Connections

Bertina Ceccarelli, Wildlife Conservation Society

“Because they are both experienced fundraising leaders, Leslie and Ann bring any challenge a practical understanding of how to efficiently implement strategies for growth. They are a delight to work with; smart, insightful, and exceedingly pragmatic.”
Front Range Source - Fundraising Consulting, Concepts & Connections

Yana Vishnitsky, Jewish Family Service of Colorado

“Front Range Source guided us through the development of the strategic plan, development plan, and helped us make some crucial program decisions. They are excellent facilitators, strategists and delivered whatever they promised and whatever JFS needed to move forward. They are a real treat to work with!”
Front Range Source - Fundraising Consulting, Concepts & Connections

Terrence Higgins Trust, London

“Front Range Source was the clear front-runner when we were seeking external support to develop our mid value strategy. They helped us negotiate a delicate internal landscape, clearly followed our brief, and guided us to a place where we needed to be. Through this process Leslie supported us to produce a robust business case and action plan for the next step in the development of our mid value programme. Always insightful and questioning at the right time in the right way. We would strongly recommend Front Range Source to work with your charity.”