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June 18, 2014
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Inspired to Act: Fundraising and the Summer Season

th-1Summer solstice is my favorite day of the year, followed closely by the Fourth of July. I’ve always loved these holidays. They bring recollections of warm summer nights, popsicles, lightening bugs and bare feet in the grass.

As each year passes, these two events become more and more meaningful me. The light of the solstice inspires clarity. The patriotism of Fourth of July inspires action. Together, they make for some fantastic fundraising inspiration!

The solstice is the perfect time to shed some light on your fundraising program.

These bright summer days are often the slowest time in the fundraising calendar. Yet the days are long and spirits tend to be high. What better time for a staff retreat or just some personal reflection?

Ask yourself or your team the big-picture questions that we so rarely have time to address:

  • Where is this fundraising program is headed?
  • What do we want it to look like in three years?
  • How is our work truly supporting the mission of the organization, beyond simply bringing in cash?
  • What are other fundraisers doing that can inspire our work?

But, don’t think so big that you forget the personal side of things! Another good solstice question: Am I finding satisfaction in my work?

Take a fresh look at your fundraising program and your own role within it and I promise you’ll be inspired and more focused.

Independence Day is a great time to remind ourselves that fundraising is about helping people exercise their freedom.

Giving is one of the most deeply satisfying acts that free citizens enjoy. It is an expression of our values and gives voice to our most deeply held convictions.

Giving isn’t just about charity. It’s about freedom and civil liberty.  It’s about the “dangerous unselfishness” that Martin Luther King, Jr. called for when he urged us to act not just for ourselves but for our oppressed neighbors.

In being free to give, we are free to change the world.

As fundraisers, we cannot coerce anyone to give. What we do instead is provide an outlet for people to exercise their freedom in one of the most effective – and beautiful – ways.

It’s worth taking a little time this summer to re-read your solicitation materials and examine your fundraising approach to make sure it reflects the donor as a true and free agent for change. Are you going for a hard sell approach?  Or, are you opening doors that allow donors to give in order to achieve their own vision for a better world?

Here at Front Range Source, we wish you long, sunny days filled with clarity, inspiration and action. And lots of dollars to show for them!

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