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Boo! A Halloween Guide to Scaring Away Your Donors

Happy Halloween! There’s nothing quite as fun as seeing the streets lined with jack-o’-lanterns and costume-clad children dashing through the neighborhoods seeking treats, and perhaps a trick or two.

But, dear fundraisers, you know who isn’t in the mood for a scare this time of year? Your donors and prospects!

We’ve seen our share of eerie fundraising tactics over the years, but it’s best to leave the spooking to ghosts and ghouls.

BUT, if you’re bound and determined to give your major gift donors the creeps, here are some insider tips:

Bring the whole gang on a solicitation call. The more the merrier! Why wouldn’t a prospect want to discuss their finances and personal passions with a roomful of fundraisers and program staff?




Make it obvious that you’ve done lots of deep research into the prospect’s personal history. Heck, pull all the skeletons out of the closet. Make sure you talk about the details of their divorce settlement while you’re at it.




Show up late to your solicitation visit, dressed like a wreck. Make sure you’re extremely flustered and complain about being super busy — busier than them, of course. Bad manners are an added touch. Talk about politics and religion if you get a chance.




Talk about what a madhouse your organization is these days. It’s extra effective if you talk smack about the board and the executive director. A bonus would be to opine about the dire financial situation.




Haunt them with nonstop phone calls. Call them every day until you reach them. Don’t leave a detailed voice message explaining why you’re calling, just keep dialing.




Good luck and happy haunting from the gang at Front Range Source!





  1. Lory Barton says:

    Cute! Makes me feel good about where we are, ha! 🙂

  2. Carl Peterson says:

    Oh those aren’t good visits……Great stuff, and unfortunately probably all have been done at some point some where. And then , every once and a while it works anyway, now that is the scary part

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